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Justin Timberlake Hints at New Music Release as He Clears Instagram



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Pop sensation Justin Timberlake appears to be gearing up for a musical comeback, employing the familiar tactic of clearing his Instagram feed—a move often seen in preparation for a new project.

Devoted fans noticed the NSYNC star’s strategic Instagram cleanup this week, sparking speculation about an imminent release. Timberlake has been back in the studio multiple times throughout 2023, collaborating with former partners Timbaland and Nelly Furtado. Additionally, he joined forces with his NSYNC groupmates for the Trolls Band Together soundtrack, fueling rumors of a potential reunion tour. However, reports later clarified that Timberlake has reserved several cities for a solo North American tour in 2024.

The last full-length project from Justin Timberlake was 2018’s “Man of the Woods,” which debuted at No. 1 on the Billboard 200. Since then, the artist has been more in the spotlight for personal drama than musical endeavors. At the 2023 MTV VMAs, rumors circulated about a disagreement between Timberlake and Megan Thee Stallion backstage, although both artists clarified that it was all in good spirits.

In a viral excerpt from Britney Spears’ memoir “The Woman in Me,” Spears accused Timberlake of adopting a “blaccent” when they encountered Ginuwine in New York. Timberlake responded to the allegations, acknowledging the incident and playfully responding to the controversy.

While Justin Timberlake’s musical hiatus has been prolonged, fans are eager to see what the artist has in store for his next chapter in the music industry.

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