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Stefflon Don Escalates Feud with Jada Kingdom, Declaring Her a “Dead Gyal Walking”



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The ongoing feud between Stefflon Don and Jada Kingdom has taken a darker turn as Stefflon labels Jada a “dead gyal walking.” The British rapper intensified the conflict by posting a manipulated image on Instagram, presenting Jada Kingdom as the subject of a funeral service flyer.

The image, created with Photoshop, includes details such as a death date of January 10, 2024, and describes Jada as a “beloved sister, daughter, cum bucket, and victim.” Stefflon Don encouraged her followers to comment “[coffin emoji]” 100,000 times if they were ready to attend Jada’s supposed funeral.

In addition to the provocative post, Stefflon Don released a scathing diss track titled “Dead Gyal Walking,” aimed directly at Jada Kingdom.

While Jada Kingdom has not responded to the diss track, she did reply to the funeral taunt, questioning who would “dig her up” and mocking Stefflon’s call for 100,000 comments. She also dismissed Stefflon Don as “corny.”

The feud erupted when Stefflon Don released a track titled “Dat A Dat,” where she confronted an unnamed woman for allegedly being involved with her ex, Burna Boy. Jada Kingdom, who was also romantically linked to Burna Boy, speculated on social media that the song was aimed at her, emphasizing that the dispute seemed to revolve around a man.

In retaliation, Jada Kingdom released her own diss track, “London Bed,” responding to Stefflon Don’s accusations. The rivalry, initially sparked by their shared history with Burna Boy, continues to escalate through social media and diss tracks.

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