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Kanye West Raises Eyebrows by Wearing Controversial Burzum T-Shirt in Photos with JPEGMAFIA



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Kanye West, known for his frequent forays into controversy, recently found himself in the spotlight once again. Underground rap sensation JPEGMAFIA went on a viral rant earlier this week, calling out West for collaborating with artists who supposedly lack dedication to their musical output. Following the rant, the two artists met up, and JPEGMAFIA shared a set of photos on Instagram, leaving fans both surprised and puzzled.

As fans processed the unexpected rendezvous, another surprising element emerged. In the shared photos, Kanye West was seen wearing a t-shirt featuring the logo of pioneering black metal band Burzum and its controversial lead singer, Varg Vikernes. Vikernes, a Norwegian musician, gained notoriety after spending 15 years in prison for charges related to murder and arson. Since his release, Vikernes has expressed controversial far-right views, including antisemitism, anti-immigrant sentiments, and overt Nazism.

This choice of attire raised eyebrows, especially considering West’s recent attempts to address and walk back some of the antisemitic views he has expressed in the past year. There are rumors circulating that West recorded a comprehensive apology video for his comments, although it has not been released in full.

In a prior attempt at reconciliation, West posted an apology in Hebrew on Instagram earlier this month. While the post aimed to address his previous comments, it faced criticism for perceived insincerity and allegations of being AI-generated. Kanye West’s decision to wear a Burzum shirt may further complicate his efforts to amend past controversies. Share your thoughts on Kanye West’s choice of attire in the comments section below.

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