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Kanye West Surprises JPEGMAFIA Following Twitter Rant



This week, Kanye West unexpectedly met up with JPEGMAFIA after the Brooklyn artist’s public attempts to connect with Ye, spurred by a recent Twitter rant criticizing the Chicago mogul. On Instagram, JPEGMAFIA shared photos of the encounter, hinting at a potential collaboration on Kanye and Ty Dolla $ign’s upcoming album, Vultures. The post featured both artists dressed in all-black, with Kanye showcasing his new $850,000 titanium dentures and a pearl MIKIMOTO x Comme Des Garçons necklace.

In response to the meetup, fellow artists Russ, Kevin Abstract, IDK, and Kenny Beats showed appreciation for JPEGMAFIA finally realizing a collaboration with Kanye after years of anticipation.

The encounter followed JPEGMAFIA’s recent Twitter rant aimed at Kanye West, expressing frustration about being overlooked by the influential rapper in favor of others with lesser contributions. The Brooklyn artist emphasized his dedication to his craft, referring to himself as a “scientist in the lab” and a “surgeon,” urging Kanye to acknowledge artists with genuine creativity.

In the Twitter rant, JPEGMAFIA also took a subliminal shot at rival Freddie Gibbs and challenged anyone who had an issue with his remarks. Despite the online tension, the surprise meetup with Kanye suggests a potential resolution or collaboration in the making.

Regarding the Vultures album, Ty Dolla $ign assured fans that he and Kanye are still planning to release the project, despite facing multiple delays in rumored release dates throughout the previous year and into January. The unexpected collaboration with JPEGMAFIA adds an intriguing element to the anticipation surrounding the upcoming album.

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