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Katt Williams and Cardi B Collaborate on Upcoming Posthumous 2Pac Album



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Fans of 2Pac can anticipate a new posthumous album, orchestrated by Katt Williams, featuring the acclaimed rapper alongside Cardi B. Williams shared details about the project on the latest episode of Suge Knight’s Collect Call podcast, released on Tuesday (January 16).

Suge Knight expressed excitement about the unreleased ‘Pac project, with Williams confirming eight carefully selected guests who are “only the best of the best.” Knight inquired about Cardi B’s involvement, to which Williams affirmed, “Absolutely.” Knight went on to liken Cardi B to the female version of 2Pac, and Williams assured that she would blend seamlessly with the other contributors, each embodying a piece of ‘Pac.

In a subtle jab at the 2004 posthumous album produced by Eminem, “Loyal to the Game,” Knight remarked that it was the only ‘Pac project that “flopped.”

While Williams didn’t divulge further details about the album, such as the source of 2Pac’s vocals or the involved producers, anticipation is building for a project that promises to capture the essence of the iconic rapper.

Despite more than a dozen posthumous ‘Pac albums since his 1996 murder, recent reports suggest new material is on the horizon. Last year, it was announced that four unreleased songs would be part of a planned greatest hits album. Additionally, associates like E-Love and DJ Daryl have hinted at forthcoming projects featuring unreleased ‘Pac vocals.

In their 30-minute conversation, Williams and Knight delved into various topics, including Jada Pinkett Smith, who played a significant role in 2Pac’s life. Williams claimed that Pinkett Smith coined the term “Katt Pac,” leading Knight to praise her and dispute misconceptions about her sanity. Pinkett Smith had previously revealed that Knight delivered 2Pac’s ashes to her after his death.

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While discussing these aspects, Pinkett Smith’s memoir, “Worthy,” and her statements about Knight’s possible involvement in 2Pac’s murder were touched upon, revealing a complex and multifaceted relationship between the actress and the late rapper.

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