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Nicki Minaj Reveals Behind-the-Scenes Drama on “Big Foot” Beat



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Nicki Minaj is far from finished discussing her recent diss track, “Big Foot,” targeting Megan Thee Stallion. In a recent Twitter Spaces session, the Trinidadian rapper shared alleged details about the track’s beat, produced by Tate Kobang and ZellTooTrill. According to Minaj, LilJuMadeTheBeat (Lil JuJu) originally gave her the instrumental six years ago, but it became a point of contention as Lil JuJu, a frequent collaborator with Megan, reportedly refused to clear the song. Minaj claimed that other female rappers eagerly reached out to join her on the beat.

During the session, Minaj explained, “She really hit Doo-Doo on the beats! Well, you know her and her team, and they have the same team. Think about it: if you’re not bothered by something, why would you stop that man’s money when I had that beat for six years?”

Minaj further elaborated on the background of the song, mentioning that she initially thought it would be a fun and chic collaboration with other female rappers. The track, “Big Foot,” has since achieved the highest debut of all time for any female artist in Apple Music history.

As the diss tracks continue to break records and climb the charts, the debate rages on about who holds the upper hand in this ongoing feud. Some argue that “Big Foot” prevails if Megan Thee Stallion doesn’t respond, while others see “HISS” as an automatic victory. The cultural divide on the matter remains strong, with opinions varying widely. Share your thoughts in the comments section below and let us know where you stand in this ongoing debate.

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