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Shannon Sharpe Praises Jess Hilarious’ Figure Despite Past Drama



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During a recent appearance on Shannon Sharpe’s Club Shay Shay podcast, comedian Kountry Wayne opened up about his ex, Jess Hilarious. While discussing Jess Hilarious’ career, Wayne expressed the need for her to focus more on professional endeavors. Despite the candid conversation, Sharpe took a moment to appreciate Jess Hilarious’ physique.

In a video shared online, Sharpe and Chad Johnson congratulated Jess Hilarious on her new role on The Breakfast Club. The former NFL stars praised her humor, but Sharpe couldn’t help but comment on her figure, expressing surprise at the revelation. “Her body ain’t no laughing matter tho. I ain’t know she was like that!” Sharpe exclaimed.

After the podcast, Sharpe delved into Jess Hilarious’ career, but he couldn’t ignore the allure of her curves. In a lighthearted moment, Sharpe playfully compared her figure to Kyrie Irving dribbling two basketballs, leaving Johnson in disbelief.

While Sharpe and Johnson’s conversation covered various topics, including a discussion about Beyonc√©’s influence compared to Taylor Swift, the playful banter about Jess Hilarious’ figure caught attention. Despite past drama, Sharpe and Johnson seemed genuinely impressed with Jess Hilarious’ success and physical attributes.

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