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Katt Williams and Torrei Hart to Team Up for Comedy Tour



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In a recent episode of Club Shay Shay, Katt Williams stirred up 2024 by making bold claims about fellow comedians like Kevin Hart, Steve Harvey, and others. The heated exchange prompted a passive-aggressive response from Kevin Hart, indicating that the feud may escalate. Now, Katt Williams and Torrei Hart, Kevin’s ex-wife, are taking their partnership to the next level by planning to tour together.

Torrei Hart took to Instagram to announce her collaboration with Katt Williams on the Dark Matters Tour. In her post, she invites fans from Charlotte, Orlando, and Tampa to catch her live performances alongside Katt Williams. The caption reads, “#Charlotte #Orlando #Tampa, come see me live with my good friend [Katt Williams] on the Dark Matters Tour.” However, it remains unclear whether Torrei will touch upon her past relationship with Kevin Hart in her comedy routine.

Despite the uncertainties, Torrei Hart has been making strides in the stand-up comedy scene over the past few years. Katt Williams, known for his discerning taste in comedians, seems to appreciate Torrei’s craft as he brings her on board for the tour. Torrei shared a snippet from Katt’s Club Shay Shay interview where he emphasized working only with comedians funnier than himself.

The tour dates with Katt Williams and Torrei Hart are scheduled for Charlotte on Jan. 27th, Orlando on Feb. 2nd, and Tampa on Feb. 3rd. Fans are eager to see the dynamic between these two comedians on stage and anticipate further collaborations beyond their initial tour. Stay tuned for updates and share your thoughts on this comedic alliance in the comment section below.

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