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Kid Dee and Alimpa Accused of Song Theft, Face Potential Legal Consequences



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Denish Duncan Matovu, also known as Kid Dee, and Ronald Alimpa, are facing allegations of song theft made by an emerging artist known as Gladiator the Emperor. The accusation revolves around the alleged misappropriation of Gladiator’s tune titled “Mugambe.” Kid Dee recently released a music audio last week, collaborating with Ronald Alinda, known for ‘Lusuku Lwa Cement.’

Gladiator claims that Kid Dee, along with Producer Eddy Dee, conspired to pilfer the reggae tune from him. According to Gladiator, Kid Dee expressed fondness for the song when he found Gladiator working on it in the studio. He alleges that Kid Dee requested to contribute a verse, which Gladiator reluctantly agreed to.

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However, Gladiator discovered the released song featuring Alimpa on TikTok a few days later, indicating that Kid Dee and Alimpa revisited the track in Gladiator’s absence and recreated the entire song. Both renditions reportedly sound almost identical, with only minor lyrical modifications.

Addressing the press on Monday, Gladiator voiced his determination to involve the authorities, vowing to take legal action against the two artists for allegedly stealing his song.

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Expressing frustration, Gladiator stated, “You stole my song, and I am going to arrest you. This is not a game; you cannot just take my song like that. You found me in the studio, my song was almost done, and you convinced me to include you, and now you claim to have helped me? That is not right.”

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Reportedly, Gladiator has received financial support from an affluent acquaintance, enabling him to pursue legal recourse against the accused artists.

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