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Land Dealer Kamoga Seeks High Court Intervention to Halt Fraud Trial Over Land Dispute



Muhamadi Kamoga, a land dealer associated with Kamoga Property Consultants, has filed a petition in the criminal division of the High Court to halt his impending trial on fraud allegations related to a 200-acre land in Bukaya and Bugoba-Garuga villages, Katabi Town Council, Wakiso District.

Charged with eight cases, Kamoga faces accusations involving forgery, false document uttering, and obtaining registration through false pretense, dating back to September when he was arraigned before the Chief Magistrates Court in Entebbe.

Awaiting trial after being released on bail, Kamoga is due to appear before court on December 1. The state has asserted that the investigations into the matter have been completed.

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Through his legal representation, Kamoga has implored the High Court to intervene, asserting that the impending criminal proceedings in the Chief Magistrates Court amount to an abuse of court processes, criminalizing a land dispute, and could potentially interfere with his rights in the ongoing civil case and appeal.

Kamoga claims that the charges brought against him predominantly revolve around issues of land ownership and the legality of the transactions involved, matters that are being addressed in the civil cases, leading to the possibility of conflicting decisions on the same subject matter.

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The land dealer argues that the criminal charges appear to be an effort to transform a mere land dispute into a criminal matter, creating prejudice and compromising his right to fair hearings in the civil proceedings.

The case is set for mention before Justice Isaac Muwata on November 14. In the Chief Magistrates’ Court, the charges brought against Kamoga relate to allegations of forgery of transfer forms and false utterances, focusing on the land located in Block 435.

Kamoga is accused of falsifying transfer forms and presenting forged documents, which he allegedly submitted to the Registrar of Titles, purporting they were signed by someone they were not, leading to the registration of disputed land under false pretense.

The accusations stem from a complaint made by Bibangamba, who alleges that Kamoga subdivided land into multiple plots without consent and sold them off without authorization.


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