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Survivors of Kasaana Junior School Fire Showing Recovery Progress, Confirm Doctors



Five children, under the care of diligent health professionals at Kiruddu National Referral Hospital and Mulago Women’s Hospital, are exhibiting significant strides in their journey towards improved health. Previously battling severe airway complications resulting from a fire that engulfed their dormitory at Kasaana Junior School in Masaka, these resilient young patients are now making notable advancements in their recovery.

At Kiruddu National Referral Hospital, medics report that these youngsters, once struggling to breathe, have shown promising signs of improvement. Dr. Rose Alenyo, a consultant plastic surgeon at Kiruddu, highlights the positive developments among the young patients.

“The five surviving children can now sit, eat, and speak, a development that instills hope among their caregivers,” says Dr. Rose Alenyo.

The medical team is cautiously optimistic about the ongoing progress. If the recovery trajectory remains consistent, there are expectations for the children to be discharged after an intense 21-day period of attentive care and treatment.

Among the five, two are currently receiving care at Mulago Women’s Hospital, while the others remain under the supervision of medical professionals at Kiruddu.

The fire incident at Kasaana Junior School in Masaka tragically affected twelve children and their matron, claiming the lives of seven individuals. Five children, initially rushed to Kiruddu National Referral Hospital from Masaka Regional Referral Hospital, are now displaying hopeful signs of recovery, indicating a positive turn in their health journey

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