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President Museveni Orders Immediate Departure of Balaalo from Unfenced Farmlands in Greater North Regions



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President Yoweri Kaguta Museveni has mandated the eviction of Balaalo from non-fenced farmlands within the Greater North regions, including Lango, Acholi, and West Nile. The President’s directive, given during a meeting with Okidi residents in Atiak sub-county, Amuru district, instructs the removal of cattle within three weeks.

Emphasizing the recklessness of allowing cattle in areas without proper fencing, President Museveni outlined the orders to local authorities to ensure the immediate relocation of those grazing cows in unfenced regions. He highlighted the need for stringent control over the movement of cattle to prevent damage to crops.

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Moreover, the President stressed the urgency for Balaalo occupying government-owned lands like Lakang and Aswa ranch to vacate the premises, providing a three-week ultimatum for them to move their livestock.

President Museveni revealed plans for a comprehensive discussion to address the underlying issues between the Balaalo and the residents of Greater North, focusing on the destruction of crops and conflicting claims to land ownership.

The President also expressed the necessity to handle the situation cautiously, avoiding cultural clashes, and urged leaders to support the development of the region without promoting land fragmentation. He emphasized the need for comprehensive laws to regulate land inheritance and called for the support of dairy industry development in the area.

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Acknowledging the reported mistreatment and illegal land takeovers by some Balaalo, local leaders highlighted the urgency of the matter, seeking immediate intervention to protect the communities’ welfare and property.

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The event, attended by various government officials, cultural leaders, and members of parliament, centered on resolving the escalating tensions and conflicts arising from the presence of Balaalo in the region.

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