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LL Cool J Hints at a Diet Detour Thanks to Eminem’s Mom’s Spaghetti Pasta Sauce



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LL Cool J might temporarily break his strict diet, all thanks to Eminem’s thoughtful gift. The iconic rapper expressed his gratitude to Eminem for gifting him a jar of the recently launched Mom’s Spaghetti Pasta Sauce. While holding the jar, LL Cool J shared his excitement and hinted at deviating from his diet to enjoy the culinary treat.

Eminem’s venture into the food industry was marked by the release of Mom’s Spaghetti Pasta Sauce, which, despite garnering mixed reactions from fans, showcased the rapper’s culinary creativity.

In a separate noteworthy event, LL Cool J, a pivotal figure in shaping Hip Hop, had the honor of paying tribute to one of his heroes, DJ Kool Herc. At the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame Induction Ceremony, LL welcomed the 68-year-old DJ into the Hall in the Musical Influence category.

The event celebrated Herc’s significant role in DJing the party that marked the birth of Hip Hop on August 11, 1973. During the ceremony, LL Cool J emphasized the transformative impact of Hip Hop on his life and millions of others. The induction of DJ Kool Herc marked the 50th anniversary of Hip Hop, recognizing him as one of its founding fathers. Other notable inductees included Missy Elliott, making history as the first female rapper ever inducted into the Hall.

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