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Chrisean Rock Splurges $40K on Son’s Luxury, Emphasizes Spiritual Investments



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Chrisean Rock, the reality star and mother to rapper Blueface’s son, has recently disclosed the substantial financial investments she’s made in her child’s well-being. In a Twitter post on Friday (November 10), Rock stated that she has spent over $40,000 on her son’s accessories, including a noteworthy investment in his bank account amounting to $500,000. Despite the substantial financial contributions, Rock emphasized that the most valuable gift she offers her son is the daily ritual of reading the Gospel to him.

In her Twitter post, Rock shared her commitment to providing her son with a comfortable life, expressing gratitude for the blessings that their lifestyle affords. She acknowledges that her child will not have to face the struggles she endured, ensuring he won’t experience hunger, neglect, or being left behind.

It’s worth noting that Chrisean Rock faced criticism in September when a video circulated showing her in a Walmart with her newborn son strapped to her chest in an unconventional position. The infant’s head was seen tilted back at an awkward angle, lacking the proper neck support typically required for newborns due to underdeveloped neck muscles.

The video sparked controversy on social media, with users expressing concern for the baby’s well-being. Blueface, Chrisean Rock’s ex-boyfriend and the father of her child, initially criticized her on Twitter but later took a more empathetic approach. Blueface acknowledged the challenges of parenthood and encouraged Rock to be more accountable and responsible, expressing support for her during this demanding period of motherhood.

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