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Dave Chappelle Recounts Unforgettable Encounter with Lil Nas X in Latest Netflix Special



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In his seventh Netflix stand-up special, “The Dreamer,” Dave Chappelle shares a memorable encounter with Lil Nas X at a party. Chappelle reflects on the moment when the rapper approached him and questioned why he declined to be in one of his music videos. While Chappelle didn’t specify the video in question, he humorously admitted to being unaware of the situation.

Chappelle begins by acknowledging Lil Nas X as an extraordinary dreamer, emphasizing the powerful energy surrounding him. At the party, where everyone was already famous in their own right, Lil Nas X made a grand entrance dressed like C-3PO, radiating a distinctive aura. Despite the crowd’s excitement, Chappelle confesses to not recognizing the artist initially.

The comedian amusingly narrates the encounter, recalling Lil Nas X approaching him among other dreamers and expressing his attempt to involve Chappelle in a music video. Perplexed, Chappelle responds with a genuine lack of awareness, asking about the specific video. Lil Nas X’s cryptic look conveys that he believes Chappelle knows exactly which video he means, leaving the comedian in bemusement.

Chappelle’s storytelling captures the essence of Lil Nas X’s powerful and visionary spirit, leaving an indelible impression on the comedian. As “The Dreamer” unfolds, Chappelle addresses various topics, including his relationship with the trans community and disabled individuals.

Stay tuned for more updates on Dave Chappelle and Lil Nas X as their respective journeys continue to captivate audiences.

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1 Comment

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