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Playboi Carti and Travis Scott Tease Impending Collaboration, Drop Set for Tonight



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As the anticipation for Playboi Carti’s new music continues to build, the Atlanta artist is wasting no time in amping up the excitement for 2024. Set to release in early January, Carti has been teasing fans with singles on various non-streaming social media platforms. In a surprise move, he has enlisted one of the industry’s biggest names, Travis Scott, with whom he previously crafted hits like “FE!N,” “Love Hurts,” and “Green & Purple.” The dynamic duo is making a comeback, announcing the release of new music tonight at 9:30 PM (time zone unclear).

The announcement, featuring a clip of one of the stars’ onstage associates, adds to the speculation sparked by Playboi Carti’s producer, F1lthy, hinting at imminent new music. While the exact timeline may have shifted, the collaboration with Travis Scott aligns with the excitement surrounding Carti’s upcoming project. Teasers like “UR THE MOON,” “2024,” and “H00DBYAIR” suggest a potential departure from Carti’s signature rage-heavy sound towards more ethereal or traditional trap influences.

Extracurricular Drama in the Album Cycle

In a departure from the norm, relationship rumors have added an unexpected layer to Playboi Carti’s album cycle. Speculation arose after he and Camila Cabello were seen on a FaceTime call, introducing a different dynamic to his usual rollouts. The 28-year-old artist’s history with romantic troubles and past allegations of abuse and neglect have heightened the scrutiny surrounding such rumors.

Meanwhile, Carti’s ex, Iggy Azalea, recently accused him of being an absent father after he shared a clip with their son Onyx. The drama surrounding their relationship in 2023 has been noteworthy, and fans are hopeful for a more positive turn in 2024.

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As the clock ticks toward the drop of Playboi Carti and Travis Scott’s collaboration tonight, fans can expect a definitive end to the drought of new Playboi Carti music. Stay tuned for more updates on these developments and the latest from Travis Scott.

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