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Nyege Nyege Festival Electrifies Jinja with Unmatched Vibes



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From the tranquil Nile Discovery Resort to the awe-inspiring Itanda Falls, and now at Wonderland, the indomitable spirit of Nyege Nyege prevails, captivating festivalgoers who eagerly anticipate and fully embrace this grand celebration.

In its eighth edition, the festival organizers remain attuned to the desires of festival enthusiasts, valuing the influence of reviews that have consistently shaped their decisions. Nestled in the heart of Jinja, Uganda’s premier tourism city, the Nyege Nyege festival spans three venues: the majestic Jinja Golf Course, the Source of the Nile, and the Jinja Showgrounds at the base of the River Nile source.

Jinja city is abuzz with activity, adrenaline, organized chaos, and ceaseless revelry as festivalgoers revel in Nyege Nyege, Africa’s largest party carnival. The four-day celebration marked the second day on the calendar, characterized not only by security sweeps and tent setups but also by non-stop partying across all stage setups.

The quintessential Nyege Nyege atmosphere descended as night fell, ignited by performances from Dancehall and RnB artist A-pass, the dynamic Karole Kasita, and the soulful Janzi Band. Not even the rain could dampen the spirits of the exuberant crowd. A-shirtless A-pass electrified the main stage with timeless classics like “Guliwano” and “Wuuyo,” paving the way for Karole Kasita, who unleashed a string of crowd favorites that left the audience yearning for more.

A fired-up Kasita interrupted her performance to encourage fans to attend her upcoming show next week. In the midst of her performance, chants about Feffe Busi echoed through the crowd. While the main stage hosted stellar acts, mayhem ensued at other stage setups.

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The Smirnoff stage witnessed throngs of revelers, with a lineup of popular city DJs, MCs, and hype men transforming it into a mini-party campus. DJ Alza, NRG’s Zion Kente, MC Dziz, Josh MC, the Bantu Vibes collective, and a surprise appearance by NTV’s Etania, among others, left the crowd electrified.

The crowd frequently erupted into a frenzy, with Kenyan revelers occasionally taking the stage to energetically wave their flags. Uganda Waragi, the event’s title sponsor, brought the heat to their stage, featuring MCs, DJs, and dancers offering diverse vibes to the crowd. Day 2 presented an array of choices for revelers from each stage setup, undeterred even by the rain. As Day 3 unfolds, renowned as Nyege Nyege’s holy grail, attendees can anticipate an array of exciting activities, from unique mixes and Munyigo squeeze to swapping saliva, coco-finger, bedminton, and an assortment of beverages. The menu promises everything fun that one could imagine!

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