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Lola Brooke Pays Tribute to Fallen Rappers with “God Bless All The Rappers” Featuring Jim Jones



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In her latest track, “God Bless All The Rappers,” Lola Brooke delivers a heartfelt homage to fallen stars of the rap industry, with a notable nod to Jim Jones. The song, which features an old podcast clip of the Dipset capo discussing the dangers of being a Hip Hop artist, underscores the risks and challenges faced by those in the industry.

The track opens with Jones’s voice expressing the sentiment that being a rap artist is one of the most perilous professions, drawing a comparison to the dangers of war. Lola Brooke’s repetition of the hook emphasizes this sentiment throughout the song. She later name-drops several recent losses in the Hip Hop community, mourning the untimely deaths of artists like Pop Smoke, PnB Rock, and Chinx Drugz, among others.

Reflecting on his impact, Jim Jones recently shared an old magazine article featuring a photo of himself from two decades ago, showcasing his influence on rap fashion then and now. He highlighted the symbolism behind his fashion choices, with the skull representing fallen soldiers and the chain symbolizing those incarcerated.

Meanwhile, Lola Brooke’s talent has not gone unnoticed, with acclaimed actress Taraji P. Henson expressing her admiration for the Brooklyn rapper. Henson, a self-proclaimed hip-hop aficionado, praised Lola’s nostalgic tone reminiscent of female MCs from the past. Lola reciprocated the appreciation, expressing her gratitude for Henson’s support and iconic status.

As Lola Brooke continues to make waves in the rap scene, her heartfelt tributes and powerful lyricism resonate with fans and fellow artists alike, solidifying her place in the industry.

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