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Ma$e and Cam’ron Ridicule Dwyane Wade’s Nail Polish, Displaying Gender Norm Hypocrisy



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In a recent display of gender normative attitudes, Ma$e and Cam’ron found amusement in mocking Dwyane Wade for sporting painted nails at a Hall of Fame ceremony in Miami. The rap duo, both in their 40s, burst into laughter, going as far as nonsensically comparing Wade’s act to “Michael Jordan modeling lingerie.” Despite Treasure Wilson’s reminder that many male celebrities embrace nail art, the pair seemed fixated on the notion of traditional masculinity.

Interestingly, there’s a touch of hypocrisy in their reactions. Cam’ron, who has been known to wear pink, vehemently opposed insinuations about his sexuality, stating, “You know how long I had to hear, ‘Cam’s gay, he wears pink’?” Yet, in their recent critique of Wade, they seemed to ignore the evolving perspectives on gender expression.

Ebonie K. Williams added another layer to the discussion, suggesting that Cam’ron might be “jealous” of the sexual freedom enjoyed by younger Black men. Williams highlighted a perceived obsession among men from Cam’ron’s generation regarding how younger men choose to live. This conversation arose in response to Cam’ron and Ma$e mocking Odell Beckham Jr’s perceived “feminine tendencies.”

Cam’ron, known for his opinions on queerness and perceived “feminine” behavior, once suggested that queer athletes should be segregated from straight teammates in locker room scenarios. Despite such views, he maintains he is not homophobic, citing the presence of gay relatives. The recent incident with Dwyane Wade’s nails sheds light on ongoing debates around gender expression and acceptance within the hip-hop community.

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