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Lupe Fiasco Sparks Renewed Feud with Kid Cudi, Unveiling Longstanding Grievances



In a recent Twitter rant, Lupe Fiasco reignited his beef with Kid Cudi, delving into the history of their falling out. The “Battle Scars” rapper didn’t hold back, calling Cudi out as he recounted their past friendship and the reasons behind their animosity.

Lupe Fiasco initiated the heated exchange by labeling Kid Cudi as a derogatory term, specifically referencing Cudi’s pre-fame career working at the Bape Store. He criticized Cudi for discrediting him over having a regular job before achieving fame, emphasizing that Cudi was now a “famous” individual with a “cool job.”

Responding to a fan’s request for the full story, Lupe Fiasco detailed the evolution of their beef. He expressed feeling blindsided by Kid Cudi’s 2014 accusations regarding charging fans $500 for personalized verses, claiming he attempted to address the issue directly with no success.

Lupe lamented Cudi’s avoidance of communication, stating, “Till this day this [expletive] won’t get on the phone, and even when we’re at the same festivals, they won’t allow me to go to his stage. He ducks calls, face to faces.” The rapper asserted that he only sought an explanation or, at the very least, an acknowledgment of wrongdoing.

A fan attempted to offer perspective, suggesting that Cudi’s avoidance of potential conflicts with other rappers was a strategy he implemented during his days at the retail clothing store. Lupe dismissed the notion, maintaining that Cudi started a beef with someone who supported him.

The conflict between Lupe Fiasco and Kid Cudi surfaced following an interview with Apple Music’s Zane Lowe, where Cudi recalled a 2008 encounter with Lupe at the BAPE store in New York City. Cudi admitted avoiding Lupe, fearing that his retail job might become ammunition for future feuds, citing this incident as the root of their ongoing animosity.

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