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Mengo Youth Development Link Partners with Africa’s for Crowdfunding Impact



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In a significant stride towards amplifying their impact, Mengo Youth Development Link (MYDEL), a non-governmental organization based in the Kisenyi slum of Kampala, has joined forces with, Africa’s prominent crowdfunding platform. MYDEL, founded in 2002 as a Community Based Organization (CBO) and later legally transformed into a Non-Governmental Organization in 2004, has been at the forefront of community development, focusing on child rights protection, HIV/AIDS prevention and care, ending violence against women and girls, skills development, employment creation for youth, and environmental protection.

A Holistic Approach to Community Development:

Situated in the Kisenyi Slum area of Kampala District, MYDEL operates with a holistic and participatory approach, working closely with local leaders, enforcement agencies, community-based organizations, opinion leaders, and development partners. Their initiatives specifically target marginalized communities, including sex workers, refugees, drug users, street children, and casual laborers.

Governed by a dedicated team comprising three young women and five men, MYDEL is currently led by Ms. Akampa Doreen, who has been serving as the Executive Director since 2017. Notably, Ms. Akampa Doreen is a former beneficiary of MYDEL, highlighting the organization’s commitment to empowering and uplifting individuals from within the community.

Impactful Milestones:

Since its inception, MYDEL has achieved remarkable milestones. The organization has supported 1217 youth in earning from sporting skills, provided vocational training for 243 girls in tailoring and bakery, supported 197 teenage girls’ families to start enterprises, offered primary education up to Primary level 5 to 1357 children through MYDEL Mcqilton Academy, provided Covid-19 relief food to 732 families, and daily meals to 313 street children through MYDEL Ghetto care centers. Additionally, 157 street children have been resettled, and 227 teenage girls have found support under MYDEL’s safe shelters.

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Vision and Mission:

MYDEL’s vision is to alleviate poverty among poor communities in Uganda, guided by core values such as transparency, community participation, resource orientation, social cohesion, commitment to advocacy, and respect for human dignity and love. Their mission is to empower target groups through education, sensitization, and skills development, contributing to sustainable poverty reduction among marginalized communities.

Programs Making a Difference:

  1. Vocational Skilling Program for Employment: MYDEL’s vocational training center provides employable skills to street children, young girls, and women, offering an alternative to dangerous sources of livelihood.
  2. Education that Matters for the Vulnerable: This program focuses on extending education to orphans and vulnerable children surviving on Kampala’s streets, breaking the cycle of poverty and street life.
  3. Safe Homes on the Street: MYDEL ensures the safety of street children from exploitation, abuse, trafficking, disease, and adverse weather conditions through its outreach program, involving rescue, rehabilitation, and resettlement.

Looking to the Future:

Teaming up with, MYDEL aims to leverage crowdfunding to further expand their impactful programs, reaching more individuals in need and creating lasting change within the communities they serve.

As MYDEL continues its journey of empowerment, the partnership with represents a new chapter, reinforcing their commitment to making a meaningful difference in the lives of the vulnerable and marginalized.

Join us in supporting MYDEL’s initiatives on and be a part of the transformative change in Mengo.

[¬†MYDEL’s crowdfunding campaign on]

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