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Nabugabo Updeal’s CEO Hamuza Ssenyondo Shines at IMBRICS+ Forum In Russia



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In a compelling address at the IMBRICS+ Forum held in Saint Petersburg, Russia, Hamuza Ssenyondo, the CEO of Nabugabo Updeal Joint Venture, unveiled groundbreaking achievements in the realm of solid waste management. The company’s innovative strides in transforming waste into valuable resources and its steadfast commitment to sustainability captured the attention of the international audience.

Nabugabo Updeal Joint Venture has emerged as a trailblazer in waste management, spearheading initiatives to tackle the global challenge of escalating waste volumes. Ssenyondo proudly outlined the company’s accomplishments in diverting biodegradable waste from landfills in Kiteezi and converting it into valuable products, thereby reducing the environmental impact of carbon emissions.

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At the core of Nabugabo Updeal’s approach is a commitment to sustainable practices and circular economy models. Ssenyondo emphasized, “At Nabugabo Updeal Joint Venture, we believe in turning challenges into opportunities. Our approach to solid waste management goes beyond disposal; it’s about transforming waste into resources that benefit communities and the planet.”

One of the groundbreaking achievements highlighted by Ssenyondo is the success of Nabugabo Updeal in utilizing Magnificent Black Soldier flies to convert organic waste into organic animal feeds, fertilizers, and various eco-friendly products. Through cutting-edge technologies, this initiative has not only created green jobs but has also positively impacted the lives of street children, contributing to community welfare.

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Ssenyondo’s dedication to environmental stewardship has garnered international recognition, and the IMBRICS+ Forum provided a global stage to share these accomplishments. Nabugabo Updeal’s achievements align with broader goals of sustainable development, contributing to a circular economy and promoting responsible consumption and production.

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In the face of pressing environmental challenges, Nabugabo Updeal Joint Venture’s initiatives stand as a beacon of hope and inspiration. Hamuza Ssenyondo’s address at the IMBRICS+ Forum has firmly positioned the company as a leader in the global movement toward a more sustainable and waste-free future.

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