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Nicki Minaj Responds to Wack 100’s Claims About Record-Breaking Status



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Nicki Minaj has issued a response to Wack 100, who recently claimed she isn’t a record-breaking artist. On January 6, Nicki took to social media, asking her Barbz, “Barbz did we break any records?” This comes after Wack defended Cardi B, asserting that she has surpassed Nicki as a bigger artist for the “past 2-3 years,” a viewpoint that faced disagreement from many.

In support of Nicki’s achievements, fans pointed out that her album “Pink Friday 2” debuted at No. 1 on the Billboard Hot 100, securing the most No. 1 albums among female rappers. Additionally, 14 tracks from the album simultaneously debuted on the singles chart. Despite a one-week stint at No. 1 before being overtaken by “1989 (Taylor’s Version),” the album set a 2023 record for the female rapper’s album debut on Spotify.

While Wack 100 may hold a different opinion, the facts indicate that Nicki Minaj undeniably has an impressive record in the music industry.

In other news, Wack 100 has revealed his involvement in a new reality TV show called “The Gworls Club.” The show, set to air on the Tronix Network, features 12 transgender contestants. Wack described the show as “crazy” and disclosed an incident during production where “17 shots” were fired in the parking lot, involving a conflict between transgenders and gays.

On a different front, Wack discussed his adult diaper venture, “Incredible Diapers,” aiming to get the product on Amazon and Walmart shelves. He proudly claimed it as “the only Black diaper company in the universe” and revealed plans to collaborate with the government of the Democratic Republic of Congo for a $200 million manufacturing plant in the African nation.

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