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Njeru Stock Farm Ownership Dispute: Investigation and Parliament’s Action



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The issue around Njeru stock farm in Buikwe district, where Maj Gen Kahinda Otafiire claims ownership of a significant part of the land, is revealing new details. Two weeks ago, he went to the farm, accusing its manager, Dr. Caroline Webule, of encroaching on his land. On a Sunday, Otafiire, the Internal Affairs minister, claimed the manager disrespected an eviction notice from the previous year. Despite the manager’s pleas to engage other ministers in the Agriculture Ministry, Otafiire had her arrested, ignoring her status as a breastfeeding mother.

Parliament, chaired by Deputy Speaker Thomas Tayebwa, gave Prime Minister Robinah Nabbanja two weeks to investigate and report on the matter following concerns of impunity raised by legislator Ibrahim Ssemuju Nganda. It questions how Otafiire acquired government land for the demonstration farm, breeding center, and research facilities.

Unfortunately, 504 acres of the farm have been fraudulently taken over by private individuals. In 2019, Otafiire, claiming ownership of 50 acres, stated he asked the court to remove the government from the land since he had acquired rights from the original owners after the government failed to pay for lease renewal. However, a 2014 Inspector General of Government investigation showed that Njeru Town Council leased the land in 1967 and subleased 306 acres to the Ministry of Agriculture for Njeru Stock Farm in 1969

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