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North West’s Unique Snack Choice of Raw Onions Sparks a Stir on ‘The Kardashians’ Show



Kim Kardashian’s eldest daughter, North West, showcased a unique taste for raw onions during a cooking session with her mom, as captured in Season Four, Episode Six of their reality series. In the segment, North surprises fans by biting into an unpeeled raw onion much like one would an apple.

As Kardashian observes her daughter’s unusual choice, she asks in amazement if North can indeed consume it that way, to which North nods in affirmation. Despite Kardashian’s declined offer to taste the onion, North proceeds to munch on the raw, unpeeled onion, demonstrating her casual approach to eating vegetables.

However, things take an unexpected turn when Kardashian gives North a few kisses on the cheek and later realizes the potent onion scent on her breath. Astonished by the pungency, Kardashian jokingly exclaims how strong the onion breath is, causing her eyes to water.

While viewers’ responses to the segment were diverse, some expressed surprise and concern over North’s eating habits, describing her choice as unusual. Social media comments highlighted the unconventional practice of consuming unpeeled onions, generating mixed reactions among audiences.

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Conversely, a few viewers defended North’s choice, mentioning the potential health benefits of raw onions. They also shared personal stories about their positive experiences with raw onions, emphasizing the health attributes and their own preferences for consuming these vegetables.

North West’s unconventional taste preference for raw onions certainly stirred discussions among fans, reflecting varying opinions about this atypical eating habit showcased on “The Kardashians.”

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1 Comment

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