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Opposition from Multiple Firms Emerges Against Government’s Contract Plan with VITOL in Petroleum Supply



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A number of companies have expressed their opposition to the government’s proposal to grant the contract for the supply of petroleum products directly from the refineries to VITOL. These firms contend that such an arrangement would establish a monopoly within the industry. Concerns have been raised, suggesting that concentrating the supply exclusively with VITOL would lead to an ‘eggs in one basket’ scenario.

Representatives from various companies have voiced their reservations against the government’s intention to award the contract solely to VITOL. They argue that such a decision might consolidate excessive control and influence over the supply chain, ultimately creating an uncompetitive market. These dissenting voices caution against potential adverse impacts of a monopolized system in the petroleum supply industry.

However, during a session held by the Environment and Natural Resources Committee of Parliament, representatives from two specific firms expressed contrasting opinions. They conveyed lesser apprehension regarding the Uganda National Oil Company being the singular supplier of fuel in Uganda. These representatives presented a viewpoint suggesting that having UNOC as the exclusive supplier might not present the same level of concern as granting the contract solely to VITOL.

The diverging opinions showcased during the parliamentary committee session highlight the contrasting perspectives within the industry regarding the potential impact of a sole supplier for petroleum products in the country. The debate remains active as various stakeholders weigh the implications of such a crucial decision on the market’s competitiveness and structure.

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