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Government Commences Probe into Disappearance of 18 Alleged NUP Supporters



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Mathias Mpuuga, the Leader of the Opposition in Parliament, has brought attention to the government’s initiation of investigations into the disappearance of 18 individuals purportedly affiliated with the National Unity Platform, an Opposition political party. Mpuuga has emphasized the importance of transparency in these investigations, stressing the need for a comprehensive and open inquiry into the cases of these missing persons.

The individuals in question, known supporters of the Opposition party, have raised concerns regarding their whereabouts, prompting calls for a thorough and transparent investigation. Mpuuga, representing the collective stance of Opposition parties, has adamantly pressed for an investigation that not only scrutinizes the disappearances but also includes a nationwide briefing to inform the public about the nature and progress of the investigations.

Opposition Launches Fresh Initiative to Locate 18 Missing Supporters

The opposition leader has voiced apprehensions that conducting a clandestine or secretive inquiry might be interpreted as an attempt to cover up crucial information regarding the missing persons. Such a move could potentially undermine the credibility and transparency of the investigations, casting doubt on the government’s commitment to addressing these disappearances.

A crucial commitment to this effect was reportedly made by government ministers from the security docket during a meeting convened by the Speaker of Parliament, Anita Among. This commitment is a step toward acknowledging the gravity of the situation and the necessity for a thorough and transparent investigation.

Opposition Launches Fresh Initiative to Locate 18 Missing Supporters

Mpuuga’s call for a country-wide briefing on the progress of these investigations underscores the demand for accountability and open governance in addressing the concerns of the missing persons’ families and the wider public. The need for transparency and a clear, open process in the investigation is paramount to instill trust and confidence in the government’s efforts to resolve these disturbing cases.

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