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African Descent Ontario Honored by Canada Border Services, Prepares for 2024 Event Amid Stringent Immigration Measures”



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African Descent Ontario (ADSON) has recently been honored with a certificate of excellence by the Canada Border Services for their successful event held in July 2023. The recognition comes as ADSON gears up for its upcoming event in July 2024, for which they have received a special events code from the Canada Border Services.

As the organization prepares for the 2024 event, it faces additional responsibilities imposed by immigration authorities. Participants are now required to submit their full legal names, passport details, and issuance information in a form provided by immigration. This stringent requirement comes as a result of growing concerns about visa applicants fraudulently altering invitation letters to falsely claim participation in events.

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“Immigration is aware of the growing number of invitation letters being fraudulently altered and submitted by visa applicants claiming to be registered participants,” mentioned spokesperson Alexander Luyima. Luyima further stated that certain events were  paid for using stolen credit cards, prompting Events Promoters   notifying  IRCC in such scenarios.

The African Descent Ontario (ADSON) is a non-profit organization registered under the Ontario, Canada Not for Profit Corporations Act (1285132-6). The organization was founded with the goal of addressing the challenges faced by individuals of African descent in education, socio-economic development, and empowerment. ADSON’s mission revolves around preserving a rich history and heritage through arts, culture conservation, and heritage in Ontario, Canada.

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The forthcoming event in July 2024 will continue to serve as a platform to bridge gaps, celebrate diversity, and empower the community. The stringent measures imposed by immigration serve to ensure the authenticity and integrity of participant registrations, furthering the organization’s commitment to fostering a meaningful cultural exchange and education.

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