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Rapper Ralo Embraced by Loved Ones After Release from Six-Year Prison Term



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After nearly six years behind bars following a 2018 drug trafficking arrest, Atlanta rapper Ralo, whose real name is Terrell Davis, has been released from prison.

Footage emerged on Wednesday (November 8) capturing the heartwarming moment of his return, as friends and family joyously welcomed the rapper outside the penitentiary. Ralo, beaming with a million-dollar smile, was surrounded by loved ones who hadn’t seen him for years, and he was seen donning designer clothes, swapping out his prison jumpsuit.

Last year, the 28-year-old was sentenced to eight years in prison after federal agents accused him of trafficking over $2 million in marijuana in 2018. However, Ralo was credited with time served, and a judge recommended one year with an ankle monitor after the halfway house approved his home address.

Known for his affiliation with Gucci Mane’s New 1017 Records label, Ralo is reportedly gearing up for a return to the music scene with a new track, aptly titled “First Day Out,” set for release later this week.

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Throughout his incarceration, Ralo faced allegations of cooperating with the government after being questioned by one of his artists in May. However, he explained that the claims were a misunderstanding stemming from a prosecutor misconduct hearing.

Expressing his frustrations on Instagram, Ralo wrote, “Our government has been taking advantage of our weaknesses and using us against us.” He maintained his stance against cooperating with federal authorities and urged support and unity among the community.

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With his release from prison, Ralo looks forward to reuniting with his daughter, emphasizing the emotional moment in April when he saw her for the first time in five years since being arrested. The rapper expressed immense gratitude for the opportunity to care for his daughter and more during his time in prison, crediting the support from his career in the music industry.

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