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Sonja Norwood Clarifies Hospitalization Rumors After IV Treatment Complications



Following reports about her hospitalization due to complications from an in-home IV treatment, Sonja Norwood, the mother of Brandy and Ray J, addressed the situation and reassured her well-being.

TMZ initially reported the hospitalization on Monday, stating that Sonja faced a bout of sudden rapid breathing during an IV infusion of vitamins and minerals at home. Ray J, worried about his mother’s health, called for medical assistance, and eventually, Sonja received a check-up and was given the all-clear.

Taking to her Facebook account the next day, Sonja clarified that the incident occurred several weeks earlier and expressed her gratitude for the outpouring of concern. She emphasized her current good health status and set the record straight regarding the situation.

Addressing the unexpected attention, she said, “Thank God I am not in the hospital. I’m doing great! I did have a negative reaction to an IV VITAMIN Therapy WEEKS AGO! It was not a big deal.”

She assured everyone, “I went to the hospital and got a big Grade A on my medical reports,” highlighting that she always seeks medical attention whenever there could potentially be a health issue, especially considering her age.

Acknowledging the supportive response, she emphasized that the incident was not a cause for worry, and she appreciated everyone’s concern.

The Norwood family has a history of being close-knit, as seen in Ray J’s public display of gratitude toward Brandy. Last summer, he got a tattoo of her portrait on his leg as a thank-you gesture for her support in his music career breakthrough.

Even though Brandy didn’t openly comment on the tattoo, she conveyed her thoughts by responding with “Brooooooo” and several heart emojis in the comments section of Ray J’s Instagram post, displaying sibling support.

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Ray J shared that, despite the initial unease about the tattoo from Brandy, he wanted to express his gratitude for her role in his success, emphasizing that the ink was a symbol of his appreciation.

Despite initial criticism, Ray J remained resolute in his affection for his sister and insisted that the artwork was a testament to the love he feels for her. He concluded, “When you see my whole leg, you’ll understand.”



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