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Rick Ross and Tia Kemp’s Feud Escalates Over Diss Track Drama



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The ongoing saga between Rick Ross and his ex, Tia Kemp, has been a hot topic in hip-hop gossip circles for some time now. Recently, tensions reached new heights after Ross took a shot at Kemp on “Everyday Hustle,” a track featured on Future and Metro Boomin’s latest collaborative album, WE DON’T TRUST YOU. Interestingly, this feud has spilled over from the realm of romance into the rap arena.

Kemp wasted no time firing back at Ross on social media, taking to Instagram Live to make startling claims about the Maybach Music Group boss. In a lengthy rant, she alleged that Ross has a secret child who bears a striking resemblance to Drake, referring to the child as her “stepson.”

The drama doesn’t end there. Fans were left stunned when Cristina Mackey, Ross’s former flame, revealed that their relationship had come to an end. She even teased a track about their breakup, adding fuel to the fire of Ross’s romantic entanglements.

Adding to the intrigue, Ross reportedly unfollowed Drake on Instagram, a move echoed by rapper NAV, despite Drake referencing NAV’s lyrics in a recent post. This unfollowing coincided with the release of WE DON’T TRUST YOU, which featured Kendrick Lamar delivering scathing disses aimed at Drake. Additionally, Future and Metro Boomin’s alleged beef with Drake further complicates the situation, prompting fans to take sides in the unfolding drama.

However, amidst the social media frenzy, it’s worth considering the fleeting nature of online interactions. The significance of Instagram follows and unfollows may be blown out of proportion, especially in the context of a rumored feud.

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Meanwhile, speculation arose when Travis Scott reportedly requested Metro Boomin and Future to play Kendrick Lamar’s song at Rolling Loud L.A. Fans interpreted this as a sign of allegiance against Drake, but perhaps Scott simply admired the track and wanted to hear it.

As the feud continues to unfold, it remains to be seen how the parties involved will navigate the complexities of both personal and professional conflicts. Only time will tell whose side these individuals are truly on.

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