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Rihanna and Natalie Portman Share Excitement Over Surprise Encounter at Dior Haute Couture Show



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Pop icon Rihanna and Academy Award-winning actress Natalie Portman had an unexpected and joyous meeting at the Dior Haute Couture show for Paris Fashion Week on Monday (January 22), and their mutual admiration was on full display.

Portman expressed her enthusiasm first, exclaiming, “I love you!” as she approached Rihanna for a warm hug. Rihanna reciprocated the sentiment, saying, “I am a fan! You’re one of the hottest bitches in Hollywood forever! You do the most innocent look, and I’m like ‘Ugh!’”

Portman, visibly thrilled by the encounter, responded, “Are you kidding me? Excuse me, I’m gonna faint. I’m gonna black out! I love you, and I listen to your music all the time, and you’re just such a queen — thank you!”

After the exchange of compliments, the two stars posed for a picture together. Rihanna playfully remarked, “Can somebody take a picture so I can remember this happened tomorrow?! I don’t get excited about anybody!”

In other news, Rihanna’s boyfriend, A$AP Rocky, recently responded to Drake’s apparent diss towards their relationship on Drake’s “For All the Dogs” album, released last year. Drake seemed to reference Rihanna on the track “Fear of Heights,” suggesting he had moved on from her.

A$AP Rocky, however, remained tight-lipped when questioned about the lyrics during an interview with TMZ. He later fired back on Kid Cudi’s INSANO album, rapping: “These n-ggas can’t stomach me, gotta go get a mandrake.” The reference to “mandrake” alludes to the plant root used to treat stomach issues, a nod to Drake’s recent admission of dealing with such problems.

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