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ScHoolboy Q Brings Humor and Insights to Drink Champs Appearance



ScHoolboy Q recently graced the Drink Champs show with his presence, delivering memorable moments and sharp commentary. Discussing various topics, Q shared humorous anecdotes, including his take on rappers “checking in” when they travel, poking fun at the notion and its perceived risks.

The release of his latest album, Blue Lips, earlier this month received widespread critical acclaim, marking a significant return for the artist since 2019’s Crash Talk. Notably, Q had the privilege of playing the album for Jay-Z before its release, potentially contributing to its favorable reception. While sharing this milestone moment on social media, label mates SZA and Isaiah Rashad chimed in with playful banter, adding to the lighthearted atmosphere.

During his appearance on Drink Champs, Q entertained viewers with his candid commentary, particularly on the practice of rappers “checking in” while on the road. He humorously pointed out the perceived absurdity of putting oneself in additional danger by associating with strangers in unfamiliar territories, punctuating his remarks with witty quips about prioritizing family time over extraneous social obligations.

Outside of his comedic prowess, Q is known for his candid takes on various subjects, often shared on Twitter. Recently, he offered insights into the evolving landscape of streaming services and the music industry’s response to shifting consumption patterns.

Additionally, Q revealed a past regret during a recent interview, recounting how he passed on the opportunity to use the beat eventually used in Travis Scott’s hit “Goosebumps.”

What are your thoughts on ScHoolboy Q’s humorous take on rapper behavior while traveling? Do you agree with his perspective? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

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