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Shannon Sharpe Rejects Nicki Minaj Podcast Invite Amid Controversy



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Former athlete turned podcaster Shannon Sharpe has unequivocally dismissed any notion of hosting Nicki Minaj on his podcast, as revealed in a recent Twitter exchange.

Responding to a fan’s suggestion on Sunday (February 4) that Minaj expressed interest in being a guest on his show, Sharpe swiftly shut down the idea with a terse response, “Nicki who?”

This rejection comes amidst ongoing tensions between Nicki Minaj and fellow artist Megan Thee Stallion. Notably, Sharpe himself faced backlash last year for controversial comments made about Megan Thee Stallion during an episode of his Nightcap show alongside Chad Ochocinco.

In the viral clip, Sharpe made suggestive remarks about the Houston Hottie, leading to widespread criticism. One Instagram user expressed concern, stating, “Love Shannon, but this is wildly inappropriate. He is employed by ESPN. They don’t play that, he needs to tone it down on these types of comments. It’s not the 90s anymore.”

Others echoed similar sentiments, with one commenter cautioning against explicit discussions, particularly in the current climate of heightened sensitivity regarding such topics.

Sharpe faced further backlash just last month for controversial remarks about Beyoncé and Taylor Swift during another episode of his podcast. Discussing Swift’s impact on the NFL, Sharpe claimed that no other artist could rival her influence, sparking disagreement from co-host Chad Ochocinco, who suggested Beyoncé could match Swift’s impact. Sharpe dismissed this notion, asserting that Swift’s impact exceeded that of Beyoncé.

Sharpe’s recent dismissal of Nicki Minaj’s potential podcast appearance adds another layer to the ongoing controversies surrounding the former athlete’s comments and opinions on various artists within the entertainment industry.

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