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Silent Suffering in Karamoja: UHRC Report Unravels Hunger Crisis and Pleads for Systemic Change”



In 2022, Kaabong recorded 225 deaths, Moroto had 166 deaths, Napak reported 135 deaths, and Karenga documented eight deaths. The UHRC report attributes the widespread hunger in the region to prolonged dry spells, resulting in acute famine and claiming 2,207 lives. The Integrated Food Security Phase Classification revealed that 41% of Karamoja’s population faced high food insecurity between March and July 2022.

The report criticizes the government for inadequate disaster risk response, citing climate change as a serious threat. In addition to dry spells, factors such as insecurity, livestock raids, low crop yields, crop destruction by wild animals, poverty, and alcoholism contributed to famine. The crisis also left hundreds of children malnourished, with over 300 cases reported in Kotido District.

While interventions occurred with food deliveries in 2022, the UHRC emphasizes the need for long-lasting solutions over temporary aid. The commission urges the government to prioritize early drought warning signs and advocates for the passage of the National Food and Nutrition Bill in Parliament to address food rights and malnutrition.


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