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Stevie J Challenges 50 Cent to Fight Amid Diddy Scandal



This week, celebrities have been vocal online about Diddy, following the federal raids on two of his residences. The raids, linked to sex trafficking allegations, came shortly after Lil Rod’s lawsuit made provocative claims about the rap mogul’s alleged involvement with other male celebrities like Stevie J. This aspect of the Diddy saga has become a focal point of discussions.

While many rushed to share their thoughts recently, 50 Cent has been consistently talking about Diddy for months. Since Cassie’s initial lawsuit last year, which sparked a wave of accusations against the rap mogul, 50 Cent has been vocal. Posting on Instagram almost daily, he continuously found new ways to criticize Diddy. This trend has intensified in recent days, culminating in a post that drew Stevie J’s attention and prompted a strong response.

After 50 Cent implicated him in grooming allegations, Stevie J fired back. In a video he shared, he directly addressed the rapper, expressing his desire to fight him in a televised bout. Stevie J confidently stated his readiness to “shoot the fade” with 50 Cent, asserting his belief in his ability not only to initiate the fight but also to emerge victorious.

The confrontation between Stevie J and 50 Cent raises questions about the responsibility of public figures in their statements about others. Do you believe 50 Cent should exercise caution when speaking about individuals publicly? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

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