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T.I. Calls Out Club for False Promotion Using His Image and King Harris



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T.I., a revered figure in Atlanta, found himself at the center of a controversy when he discovered a Buckhead club using his picture, along with that of his son, King Harris, to promote an event. The rapper took to Buckhead on Tuesday night (November 28) to address the situation, expressing his frustration in a heated encounter with patrons or venue staff captured in a video.

Instances of unauthorized use of T.I.’s image have become increasingly common, potentially stemming from the recent viral dispute between T.I. and King, where T.I. referred to his son as an “embarrassment.” It seems the club aimed to capitalize on this narrative, much to T.I.’s displeasure. In the video, he passionately declared, “Na, you can talk to me! Until then, ain’t nobody getting nothing going. Nothing! Call who you need to call, do what you need to do. Ain’t nothing happening. No money, no beers, no partying, no sections, nothing! You putting me and mine on the motherfing flyer, na, give me everything! And if you can’t, don’t play with me. I don’t know if y’all from here, but na, don’t play with me in this city. This my motherf***ing city, don’t play with me in this city.”

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Regarding the recent dispute with King Harris, T.I. took to Instagram to downplay the situation, stating, “Fck what dis internet talkin bout… Da HFamily Tied Like a Knot. We all We Got… 4LIFE… Ima RIDE to da heavens or da depths of HELL bout my Jr.& ain’t nothing gon change that.”

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The incident raises questions about the ethics of clubs falsely promoting events using the likeness of celebrities and their families. Additionally, the timing of their joint appearance on Complex’s “GOAT Talk” in proximity to the combative incident adds an intriguing layer to the situation. Share your thoughts on the club’s promotion tactics and their “GOAT Talk” appearance in the comments section below.

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