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T.I.’s Stepdaughter Zonnique Opens Up About Her Sexual Orientation Amid Criticism Over Relationship Drama



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Zonnique, stepdaughter to rapper T.I., has revealed her attraction to women amidst criticism surrounding her relationship with her child’s father, Bandhunta Izzy. The controversy arose after the couple released a new vlog on Tuesday (January 9), featuring an interview about their relationship. In the video, Izzy expressed possessive sentiments, outlining how he might act toxically if Zonnique were to date someone else, eliciting disapproval from the online community.

Facing backlash over the perceived toxicity in her relationship, Zonnique took to Twitter/X to set the record straight. In a post, she responded to critics, stating, “y’all think I’m pressed about being in a relationship with a man whole time I like women,” accompanied by a queasy-faced emoji. She emphasized the modern era, saying, “omg it’s 2024 y’all still invested in other people business.”

Zonnique and Bandhunta Izzy welcomed their daughter, Hunter Zoelle James, into the world in December 2020. T.I. discovered he was becoming a grandfather live on air during the debut episode of Zonnique’s Fox Soul show, “The Mix.” Co-host Romeo Miller congratulated T.I., leaving him momentarily speechless until Zonnique clarified the news, revealing her pregnancy with Bandhunta Izzy. The couple’s baby girl was born in December 2020.

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