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T-Pain Playfully Calls Out Snoop Dogg for Overwhelming Business Ventures



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T-Pain took to Instagram on Monday to share his amusement and slight exasperation at the numerous business ventures of Snoop Dogg outside of music. The rapper and singer showcased the latest gift he received from one of Snoop’s enterprises—a mini-fridge filled with ice cream.

Expressing his support for Black men thriving in their businesses, T-Pain playfully commented on the abundance of projects Snoop Dogg has undertaken. He humorously conveyed his surprise at receiving a freezer with ice cream from the multi-talented artist.

In his Instagram post, T-Pain shared his thoughts, stating, “There’s just too much. It’s out of control. This man just sent me a got damn freezer with ice cream in it.” He went on to jest about the inconvenience of the gift, comparing it to receiving a tropical fish to take care of.

Despite his playful complaints, T-Pain expressed gratitude and acknowledged Snoop Dogg’s success. He playfully urged Snoop to take a break and enjoy his achievements, adding, “Congratulations, but stop! You won, bro. You the big n-gga in the gym! You did it.”

In the caption, T-Pain continued the light-hearted banter, writing, “Bro @snoopdogg gotta chill bro. It’s getting overwhelming. Unc hit me with a surprise from @drbombaysnax ice cream [face palm emoji] where’s the line anymore man?? You’re supposed to work LESS after you’ve accomplished all the shit you have man [laughing emoji] love you unc and thank you.”

Last month, T-Pain and Snoop Dogg collaborated on the track “That’s How We Ballin,” with Snoop delivering a feature in less than 48 hours as promised. The duo has a history of successful collaborations, having previously worked together on songs like “Boom” and DJ Khaled’s “All I Do Is Win.”

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