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Treach Recalls Brawl with 2Pac Amid Gang Feud in the 90s



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Treach, from Naughty By Nature, recently revisited a tumultuous encounter he and 2Pac faced at the Comedy Store in the mid-1990s. Speaking with The Art of Dialogue, the rapper delved into how a feud between the Rollin’ 60s Crips and Bloods escalated, drawing them into a chaotic brawl.

In his account, Treach detailed the sudden eruption of violence as chairs and bottles were wielded by the opposing factions. “Before we got a chance to look back, bow! I got hit in the head with a chair,” he recounted, highlighting the intensity of the confrontation. In the heat of the moment, the two rappers and their entourage engaged in a fierce skirmish, fighting their way out of the venue.

The altercation carried significant weight, sparking a brief feud with the Crips. Treach explained how the situation escalated to the point where they received a “green light” from the 60s, signifying imminent danger. However, through dialogue and clarification, they managed to resolve the conflict, diffusing the tension and averting further escalation.

While Treach’s recollection sheds light on the incident, it’s not the first time it has been discussed publicly. Comedian Guy Torry and Kurupt have previously shared insights into the altercation in their interviews.

As memories resurface, Treach’s account serves as a reminder of the complex dynamics that often permeate the hip-hop landscape, intertwining with broader social and cultural issues.

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