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Troy Ave Declines Whopping $20 Million Record Label Offer, Citing Independence



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Troy Ave made waves earlier this week when he revealed on Instagram that he turned down a substantial $20 million offer from a major record label. Alongside a photo showcasing him beside a Maserati and a Ferrari, the rapper captioned the post: “Major label tried to offer me 20 Million … I said no thanx Im all white,” accompanied by a winking emoji. Elaborating further in the comments, he pointed out the higher cost of living on the East Coast as a contributing factor.

Fans flooded the comments section with supportive messages, expressing admiration for the luxury vehicles in the photo and encouraging Troy Ave to continue making music. One fan shared, “2 of my top 5 favorite whips,” while another urged the artist to persevere in his musical endeavors, recalling their appreciation for his track “that chick ain’t yours.”

This revelation follows Troy Ave’s recent headline-making moment, where he threatened to release a diss track aimed at Uncle Murda. The dispute arose after Uncle Murda mentioned Troy Ave in his annual “Rap Up 2023.” Despite the Instagram post teasing the diss track, DJ Self of Power 105 later disclosed that Troy Ave had decided not to release it out of love and respect for Uncle Murda. DJ Self explained, “Troy Ave has expressed to me that he has a response to the response of Uncle Murda’s response, do that make sense? Out of love and respect for Uncle Murda, he has decided not to drop the song. He said he recorded something because he’s an artist, and artists, you know, they pen [their] words down.”

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In addition to his music career, Troy Ave has also ventured into hosting The Facto Show podcast.

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