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Tyla’s Grammy Encounter with Nancy Pelosi Reveals Unexpected Celebrity Moments



At the Grammys, Tyla found herself in a surprising encounter with former Speaker of the House, Nancy Pelosi. Admitting she had no prior knowledge of Pelosi, Tyla shared, “I had no idea. I didn’t know who she was, honestly, but I think she may have known [me] because she asked to take a picture with me.” The viral photo of the duo sparked curiosity about the unexpected meeting.

Recalling the moment, Tyla recounted, “I was like, ‘OK, cool.’ She held my hand, and I was like, ‘Are you sure we should hold hands?’ Because I didn’t know. I was kind of feeling a bit tight, but she was like, ‘Hold my hand, hold my hand.’ It was cute,” Tyla shared with PEOPLE.

Despite her lack of recognition for Pelosi, there was one celebrity Tyla was ecstatic to meet – Cher. Expressing her excitement, Tyla exclaimed, “I was like, ‘What the heck?’ I was literally in so much shock. I love her. She’s always been an inspo. I can’t wait to even tell my kids, that’s how much of a good time I had.”

In another spotlight, GloRilla made headlines during her recent visit to the White House, where she remained steadfastly apolitical. When asked by CNN if her attendance signaled an endorsement for Joe Biden, GloRilla promptly shut down the notion, stating, “That ain’t got nothing to do with me. I’m just livin’ life like it’s golden.” Her visit, part of Women’s History Month, included a memorable moment where she got President Biden to say “Yeah Glo.”

Continuing to bask in the limelight, GloRilla’s star continues to ascend. Last month, she crossed paths with LeBron James in LA, with the NBA star stopping for photos and engaging in conversation. LeBron was also spotted enjoying GloRilla’s music, singing along to “Yeah, Glo!” and reportedly dancing to her tunes in the locker room.

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