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UCC Distributes Free Tablets to Enhance Connectivity in Bulambuli District



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In a move to foster digital connectivity and technological advancement, the Ugandan government, via the Uganda Communications Commission (UCC), has generously provided free tablets to the residents of Administration Cell in Bulambuli Town Council, Bulambuli district.

On Thursday, November 2, 2023, the distribution of these tablets aimed at enhancing connectivity and encouraging digital utilization for agricultural, business, and educational development through innovative IT usage. The distribution ceremony took place at the Bulambuli district headquarters.

One of the residents, Akimu Womazembe, expressed gratitude towards the government and the UCC for their efforts in providing these tablets. Womazembe highlighted the importance of the tablet in facilitating communication with his family, particularly his children, and their educational needs. “I am glad to have this gadget because I had no money to buy it. I will use it for communication and my children for studying,” stated Womazembe.

James Wanyoto, another beneficiary, emphasized the educational advantages of the tablets, mentioning how they would assist his grandchildren in their academic research.

Amir Kamba, the deputy RDC of Bulambuli district, encouraged the beneficiaries to utilize the tablets to market their products online, fostering business opportunities and growth.

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The tablets were complemented with a solar charging system, ensuring sustainable power supply for the devices.

Allan Tugume from the UCC mentioned that they have conducted orientation sessions for the beneficiaries to ensure effective use of the tablets. He clarified, “This is a pilot project from the government of Uganda, which is yet to be rolled out throughout the country,” expressing the government’s desire to establish connectivity and provide access to current affairs for everyone.

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The donation of tablets by the Uganda Communications Commission stands as a significant step toward enabling digital inclusion and fostering technological development, particularly in remote areas like Bulambuli District.

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