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Uganda: Family in Distress as 10-Year-Old Boy Abducted for Ransom in Kisoro District



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The tranquility of Kanyacucu Village in Nyarubuye Sub County, Kisoro District was shattered as the Bakunzi Nizeyimana family faced an agonizing ordeal. Their youngest, 10-year-old John Mary Irakunda, a student at Nsungwe Primary School, was abducted by a 20-year-old casual laborer, Hakiza, a Congolese national. The distressing incident has enveloped the family in fear and anxiety, seeking justice and the safe return of their child.

Moses Bakunzi, the concerned father, recounted the unsettling occurrence that unfolded on October 22, 2023. His son vanished in the company of Hakiza, whom he had employed as a casual laborer almost a month earlier. The unexpected disappearance was marked by a disturbing demand for ransom.

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The kidnapper utilized a mobile phone that belonged to Bakunzi’s sister-in-law, whose number (0772-566541) was used to contact the family. The abductor demanded a staggering amount of 8 million Ugandan shillings to secure the release of young John Mary Irankunda. However, a negotiation was initiated, with Hakiza settling on an initial demand of UGX 800,000 in exchange for the child’s freedom.

The gravity of the situation sparked immediate action. Elly Maate, the Kigezi Region Police spokesperson, confirmed the distressing case, indicating that it has been officially reported at the Kisoro Central Police Station. A comprehensive investigation is underway, with authorities actively tracking down leads to locate the kidnapper and bring the abducted child back to safety.

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The community remains on edge, rallying behind the Bakunzi Nizeyimana family and collectively urging law enforcement to expedite the investigation and rescue the young boy from his captor. The authorities are diligently pursuing every lead, employing all available resources to ensure the safe return of John Mary Irakunda, striving to bring the perpetrator to justice. The quest to reunite the 10-year-old with his family continues as an urgent and pressing matter.

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