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Unsettling Discoveries: Unknown Bodies Found at River Ssezibwa Bridge Prompt Concern in Kayunga District”



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Security and local leaders in Kayunga District are in a state of alarm following the discovery of two unidentified bodies dumped at the River Ssezibwa Bridge along the Mukono-Kayunga Highway. Both male adults, one believed to be Asian and the other Ugandan, the bodies exhibited wounds, leading authorities to suspect foul play. Kayunga District police Commander Rosette Sikahwa indicated that the bodies may have been brought from distant locations and dumped or possibly killed at the site. Despite police presence, there were no witnesses to the dumping, and the bodies, lacking identification, were buried in the Kayunga Town cemetery. Concerned residents, like Sam Kitaka, noted that instances of individuals traveling from afar to throw themselves into the river are not uncommon. Kayunga District chairman Andrew Muwonge called for a thorough police investigation into the origin of the bodies and those responsible for this disturbing act.


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