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YFN Lucci Receives 20-Year Sentence, Pleads Guilty to Street Gang Terrorism Charge



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Rapper YFN Lucci has been handed a 20-year sentence after entering a guilty plea for one count of violating the street gang terrorism and prevention act. As part of the plea deal, he will serve 10 years in prison followed by an additional 10 years of probation. The rapper, credited with time served since January 13, 2021, and supported by a letter from the State to the pardon and parole board signaling non-objection to early release, is expected to spend approximately 3.5 more months behind bars, according to WSB-TV’s Michael Seiden.

Before accepting the plea deal, YFN Lucci faced multiple charges, including felony murder, carrying a potential life sentence without parole. Prior to the official sentencing, the rapper expressed apologies to the victim’s family, as well as his own friends and loved ones.

Addressing concerns about YFN Lucci’s involvement in the ongoing YSL RICO trial, his attorney, Drew Findling, emphasized that his client would not be testifying in the case. Findling stated, “He will not be testifying in that case. If anybody wants to subpoena him, we’ll file a subpoena to squash that subpoena. He wants nothing to do with that case. He’s made that clear. For three and a half years, he has said he knows nothing and will not participate in that case.”

While YFN Lucci’s legal proceedings have concluded, Young Thug’s YSL case remains ongoing. On Monday, Trontavious Stephens, the co-founder of the group, discussed Young Thug’s use of “Truly Humble Under God” as an acronym. Further updates on YFN Lucci’s situation and Young Thug’s trial are anticipated.

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