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Yo Gotti’s Mother Allegedly Present During Big Jook’s Fatal Shooting



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Unsettling reports have emerged from an internet blogger, suggesting that Yo Gotti’s mother was in the car when Big Jook was fatally shot. According to circulating claims on social media, the rapper’s mother hastily fled the vehicle as the assailant approached and began firing shots.

The blogger recounted the harrowing incident captured by The Neighborhood Talk, emphasizing, “They almost killed Yo Gotti’s mom, I just want y’all to know that part. When they got to shooting, when dude ran up and started busting and everything like that, and getting Big Jook, Yo Gotti’s mom opened up the door and ran away. This will all later come out. What I’m telling you is 1000% facts.”

In response to this alarming revelation, fans are urging Yo Gotti to prioritize his safety and distance himself from family matters. One concerned comment reads, “They were after Yo Gotti. Angela needs to get away from him. Asap.” Another added, “It’s time for Gotti to move his immediate family away from Memphis… can’t even go to anything like this again without high-level security.” The complete report can be found on Instagram below.

The Memphis Police Department officially confirmed Big Jook’s tragic death in a Sunday Facebook update. When police arrived at the scene, both Jook and a second victim were rushed to the hospital. Unfortunately, Jook succumbed to his injuries, while the second victim remains in stable condition. Despite speculations from fans, Deputy Chief Paul Wright stated that the police suspect Jook was the intended target of the attack. “We do feel like the individual that was shot was possibly targeted by the suspect,” he explained. Stay tuned for additional updates on Yo Gotti and the unfortunate death of Big Jook.

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