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6ix9ine Professes Undying Love for Girlfriend Yailin La Más Viral



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Despite recent legal troubles involving his girlfriend Yailin La Más Viral, 6ix9ine seems to have put the past behind him and is openly expressing his love for her. In a recent video clip, the controversial rapper was seen in a car with Yailin, showering her with affectionate words.

“Yo amo a esta tipa con toda mi vida,” 6ix9ine passionately declared. “Te lo juro que yo doy mi vida por esta tipa. No importa que ella diga, pero yo la amo con toda mi vida. Es la tipa la más hermosa que yo he visto en mi vida. Te lo juro por mi madre que es una tipa que yo he deseado en mi vida entera. Te lo juro que es un sueño que yo esté con ella. Mira esta tipa, qué bonita es ella. No, pero ella no tiene que ser eso. Yo la amo con la vida entera mía.”

Translated, 6ix9ine expressed, “I love this girl with my whole life. I swear that I would give my life for this woman. It doesn’t matter what she says, but I love her with my whole life. She’s the most beautiful girl I’ve ever seen in my life. I swear on my mother that she’s a woman I’ve wanted for my whole life. I swear it’s a dream for me to be with her. Look at this girl, she’s so pretty. No, but she doesn’t need to be that. I love her with my whole life.”

This public display of affection follows Yailin’s recent arrest on felony charges, including threatening 6ix9ine with a knife, assaulting him with a two-by-six, and verbal abuse. Despite the tumultuous incident, it appears that the rapper is standing by his partner and expressing his unwavering commitment. Meanwhile, 6ix9ine faced accusations from DJ Akademiks’ ex, Jade, regarding their alleged past relationship. The rapper vehemently denied these claims, setting the stage for potential drama in the coming year. Stay tuned for more updates on 6ix9ine’s personal and professional life in 2024.

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