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Kai Cenat Aims for Role in Power After Meeting 50 Cent



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Kai Cenat recently shared his aspirations of landing a role in the hit series Power after a noteworthy encounter with executive producer and star 50 Cent. Recounting the meeting during a recent Knicks-Bucks game, Cenat revealed, “Then 50 pulled back up, looking directly at me. This n-gga literally puts his hand on my shoulder—’Yo brah, take a picture with my little mans real quick; he f-ck with you.'” Reflecting on the moment, Cenat expressed regret for not seizing the opportunity to ask 50 Cent directly about a potential role on Power, urging his followers to help get the message to the entertainment mogul.

Throughout the year, Kai Cenat has been carving out a name for himself, with his star on the rise. Notably, he received a Christmas present from Ice Spice, featuring one of Spice’s branded chia pets. While Cenat appreciated the gift, he humorously pointed out that the chia pet didn’t bear a strong resemblance to Spice upon closer inspection. Despite the playful confusion, he expressed genuine happiness for receiving a gift from the high-profile rapper.

In a separate instance, rapper Jadakiss showcased his admiration for 50 Cent after the latter extended “nothing but love” to Kiss’ mother and aunt during a recent interaction. Jadakiss took to Instagram to acknowledge the positive encounter, highlighting the respect and appreciation he holds for 50 Cent. The praise from Jadakiss comes after he encouraged fans earlier in the year to choose 50 Cent’s “Final Lap” Tour over other touring acts, emphasizing the unique and impressive production associated with the tour.

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