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Beyoncé’s Mother, Tina Knowles, Shares Behind-the-Scenes Insights on Beyoncé’s Intensity During Shows



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During her appearance on Sherri Shepherd’s talk show on Halloween (October 31), Tina Knowles, Beyoncé’s mother, discussed the singer’s intense demeanor backstage during performances. Knowles highlighted how Beyoncé undergoes a significant personality shift when preparing for her shows.

Recalling moments behind the scenes, Knowles mentioned Beyoncé’s focus and intensity during quick changes backstage. She shared anecdotes where Beyoncé’s stress during performances led to what she humorously described as a “mean” attitude, especially during the “Flaws and All” act. Despite Beyoncé’s intensity, Knowles acknowledged her daughter’s immediate apologies after the show, understanding that the pressure and heat of the moment often trigger such behavior.

Knowles pointed out that the pressure to maintain the high standard of performances could occasionally lead to tense situations among the crew. However, she added that she comprehends the reasons behind the stress, as it directly impacts the quality of the show.

The highly successful Renaissance World Tour, inspired by Beyoncé’s 2022 album, will soon be released as a film, chronicling the journey of the tour from its launch in Stockholm to its conclusion in Kansas City.

The film aims to emphasize Beyoncé’s involvement in every aspect of the production, showcasing her dedication, creative vision, and commitment to honing her craft. The movie, lauded for creating a liberating and joyful experience for over 2.7 million fans, highlights the tour’s significance in fostering a sanctuary of freedom.

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In the film’s trailer, Beyoncé discusses her aspirations for the tour, emphasizing her desire to create a space where everyone feels liberated and unjudged. She emphasizes the renaissance as a symbol of renewal and innovation. The clip also includes an interaction with her husband JAY-Z, where Beyoncé expresses her feeling of liberation and transition to a new phase in her career.

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